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" Time plays Chess. "JEPPSQUARE / Simon Jepps

Jeppsquare is investigating the next evolution of Chess.

Mageca Chess     PDF
MAGECA CHESS by Simon E Jepps
The ultimate next evolution of Chess & the grande summit of Jeppsquare Chess Variant investigations.

Mageca Chess is a variant I have designed to ultimately address and remedy the problems associated with evolving Chess unto a 100sq board.

Mageca Chess is a 10x10 variant featuring a new Piece, the Mageca and additionally the curiosity of a Camel move for the Knight. All other Classical Chess rules, apart from a minor adjustment to Castling & En Passant, remain the same.

Wizard's Toe     PDF
WIZARDS TOE by Simon E Jepps
Wizard's Toe is moreso "a new magic unto Chess", introducing a sprinkle of 'Tic Tac Toe'.

The Wizard's Toe grants an extra element of logic & strategy, whilst also modifying the function of the Knight origin-square, in turn providing many more Opening line opportunities and thus giving final peace unto the commonly avoided 'Kt-R3'.

Wizard's Toe is the second prime candidate for evolving Chess, aiming to preserve the Classical 64sq arena whilst revolutionizing 8x8 gameplay.

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